The designs you see below were the result of long hours of collaboration and design. Each one has its own unique story to tell. If you’re in need of a custom camouflage pattern design, let our portfolio of designs be your inspiration.


Pnuma Terra is an exclusive pattern design that really reacts well in various environments. Whether you’re hunting red stag in New Zealand or elk in New Mexico, Pnuma Terra will disintegrate your form.


N-VIRO has so many layers of depth that it’s impossible to grasp by wild eyes. Similar to Pnuma Terra, N-VIRO is a pattern that will blend in well with many natural environments. Now you can hunt wherever you want … well, almost anywhere.


Distraction camo in action, HAVOC disrupts the human form like no other camouflage pattern we’ve designed. Even as light as the pattern is, you could sit amongst the evergreen patches and still virtually disappear. HAVOC was an adaptation from one of our very first patterns. It’s a very popular design amongst KT group.


The best way to describe the HYBRID camouflage pattern is “beast mode” as one person once told us when they first saw it. This was more or less an exercise of breaking all the common perceptions of camo. It’s got digital pixel, a dash of the HAVOC pattern and some hand-drawn elements all mixed together in a deliberate fashion.


We’re leaving this spot for the next great design to come along. Now that we’ve proven to ourselves that virtually anything can be done to design an effective camouflage, the sky’s the limit. If you’re ready to create the next phenom in camo, contact us today!

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